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Miracle Healings in Jersey City, NJ USA
By Diane Ele

A miraculous healing took place last month in September, 2000 at the monthly Rosary in Jersey City, NJ honoring the weeping icon of Holy Mary and her mother St. Ann. The icon plus other religious figures in the house of Ray and Nancy Skop drip tears of oil. This oil is used as a healing aid to the sick. Ray Skop, the owner of the icon has frequently shown signs of Stigmata on his hands, head and feet and speaks to Holy Mary in visions and dreams.

Two girls ages 15 and 16 came to Ray Skop for healing beacause of an illness where they were unable to walk for about 2 years. The doctors could not explain this crippling disease. When they did attempt to walk, the girls could barely hold their own weight and wabbled uncontrollably as they made steps.

When the girls arrived, Ray told them that thier legs would feel differently and they would walk. Well, the girls legs turned red and Ray grabbed 1 girl on each arm and walked them up the aisle. To everyone's surprise the girls started to walk. The girls were cured. After this, they both were overcome with tears. One of the girls cried for 2 hours. Her name is Laurie.

Laurie's mother was unable to attend this Rosary, so she attended with the other girl and her mother. After Laurie composed herself, she called her mother and said to her, "You are not going to believe this, I am walking". Her mother said that she didn't believe it. When she got home, her mother was shocked to see her daughter completely recovered.

The next morning, Laurie woke up and ran around the house and in her backyard, she was cured. Laurie is now preparing to join the Soccer team once again as she was Most Valuable Player before this illness struck. Is this a coincidence? Laurie's mother swears it is a true miracle.