Peace & Luv

Visit Bridges of Peace, our 501(c)3 Nonprofit Charity Org.

Diane Ele of is the President & Founder of Bridges of Peace

To raise awareness for Peace and Love through Music & the Arts & to help children whose lives have been affected by war & poverty.


To raise awareness for peace and love through music and the arts;

To help children whose lives have been affected by war and poverty;

To support other 501(C) 3 charities to help those whose lives have been affected by war or poverty.

Bridges of Peace is an inclusive organization that invites everyone to get involved with it's mission. Our mission is a simple one: to open hearts through a strong message of love. Our goal is to build Bridges of Peace between people through our charity projects and music events.

Through our charity project, "Help a Child through a Soldier Drive", we invite volunteers to sponsor drives by collecting items for children to be sent to our U.S. military in war torn countries who distribute them to the local children.

Through our Music events, "Bridges of Peace Jam", we feel The ‘Power Of Music’ is so great that it can move people to new ways of thinking. We wish to reach the souls of people through music. The artists are the ones to reach them and open their hearts; we are just the ones to put them all together for a unified purpose of love, peace and kind works of charity.

Bridges of Peace is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity Organization.

Working to Build Bridges of Peace between all people - One Life at a Time